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cambelts & timing chains

timing belt

timing belts

Your timing belt, also known as the cambelt, allows the engine crankshaft to turn the camshaft which controls the opening and closing of the engine’s valves. The valves open and close allowing fuel to enter, ignite, and exhaust, thus the valves are a primary part of controlling the flow of fuel and exhaust gasses through the engine.

The cambelt allows all this to happen and an engine cannot run without it. In some engines, the timing belt may also be used to drive other engine parts such as the water pump and oil pump.
A snapped cambelt can result in engine head dismantling and valve replacement, with labour and materials often costing hundreds of pounds.

If your vehicle’s cambelt or associated timing components are damaged, it is likely that the engine’s timing is out and potentially there has been damage to the valves and associated components. If there is reasonable suspicion that this is the case, the engine head should be removed as a first course of action.

timing chain

timing Chains

Timing chains are now the preferred method for manufacturers. Luckily with chains you will receive a warning that there’s an issue, this will be either a fault light on the dash related to engine management or the chain becomes very noisy, a metallic rattle especially from cold starting is the first sign of any potential issues. Again, a member or our team will be able to advise you of any repair or replacement and the costs involved. Included in your quote are all the required replacement parts including guides and tensioners required to keep the chain in correct working order.

Here at Merlin Auto Services, we are able to diagnose and replace your timing chain before serious engine damage occurs.

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We only use original manufacturer or equivalent replacement parts. If we do not have the right tool for your vehicle, we will not replace, or quote for replacing, the timing belt. Using incorrect tools can cause extensive engine damage or problems with your engines performance, leading to the new timing belt breaking sooner than it should. Always ensure your repairer has the correct setting tools for your vehicle before authorising any work to be carried out.