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Clutch Replacement

At Merlin Auto Services, our technicians are well-aware of every component of the clutch system from mechanical to hydraulic. We identify and replace the damaged/worn clutch parts in time to ensure your vehicle’s safety.

Our technicians detect and diagnose the issues and recommend which solution fits the best. Also, we inform the customers about repair costs in advance.


When Should I Book a Clutch Replacement?

You should book a clutch replacement near you at the recommended interval or whenever you notice any of the following warning signs:

You struggle to change gear
Your car won’t engage gear
The clutch makes a grinding, squealing, shrieking or other bad noise
You can smell burning from the clutch
Your biting point has become higher than normal

Ability to rev the engine but poor acceleration


Should I Book a Flywheel & Clutch Replacement at the Same Time?

Quite often, your car will need a flywheel replacement at the same time as a clutch change. As a result, flywheel failure includes many of the same symptoms as a faulty clutch. You should book a flywheel and clutch replacement at the same time if you notice:

Your gears slipping
A burning smell
Clutch ‘chatter’ (the clutch stutters when disengaging)
Vibrations in the clutch pedal
Clutch ‘drag’ (not fully releasing)

Clutch hydraulics are professinally bled with the latest pressure brake bleeding system on completion of work where necessary.

Most clutch issues are diagnosed and solved within a few days (courtesy cars available – on request) – Give us a call (01437) 763971