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Air Conditioning

For keeping cool in the hot summer months or having clear demisted windows in the cold British winters, a well maintained and serviced Air Conditioning system is essential for your comfort and safety.
We recommend that your air conditioning system is visually checked at your annual vehicle service and the Air Conditioning system serviced every two years.
We’re are an AutoClimate Service Partner, which means we’re recognised as a recommended provider of air conditioning repairs and servicing.



Merlin Auto Services offer a complete vehicle diagnostics service. We offer this at a competitive cost to ensure that vehicle fault finding does not cost the earth. We have the latest technology that we have invested heavily in for many years. We believe that when you are looking for a car repair service in Pembrokeshire, you should ensure that they have the latest diagnostic equipment and knowledge to offer customers a quality serice at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.
No other garage in Pembrokeshire can offer the diagnostic vehicle coverage that we currently have, we are also adding to this service on a regular basis.



Merlin Servicing All Makes/Models

We supply all types of servicing to the Haverfordwest area, but we are a little different. Rather than just give every car the same old service, we recognise that each car requires a different type of service. This is simply because all vehicles aren’t built the same way and whilst one type of service might be good for one car a slightly adjusted service is better for a different car. We stock twelve different oil grades to cater for the modern vehicle.
At Merlin we service cars as per the original manufacturers guidelines, so if you have a Vauxhall Vectra then we service as per Vauxhalls guidelines, we believe this allows us to give your car the best service, specifically tailored to meet the needs of your vehicle.


4 Wheel Alignment

Merlin Auto Services now have the very latest Absolute Alignment 3D wheel alignment system.

The 3D Pro Wheel Aligner uses the latest in camera and computer technologies, they have the added benefit of high accuracy at an impressive speed. The system compromises of a PC based computer which offers 3D technology, this carries out a number of tests on all angles of the four wheels, generating a 3D image. The cameras detect and analyse the targets as to give a precise and accurate measurement.

With these readings, we can then show you how your vehicle is currently running and set up. If you decide to have your vehicle recalibrated, upon finish we can then provide you with a detailed printout showing a before and after image including the specs and tolerances your vehicle should adhere to.

Merlin Auto Services is a  professional motor vehicle repair garage in Merlins Bridge on the outskirts of Haverfordwest

Whatever you need for vehicle from a tyre to a replacement engine, we can 

We’re here to help. We guarantee that our highly trained mechanics will help resolve your auto repair issues, because we’re committed to delivering satisfied customers.

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Welcome to Merlin Auto Services MOT Booking area, making it as easy as possible for you to book your next MOT.

Our convenient system removes the need for you to call or visit us. Just choose a date and time from the range of available appointments, enter you details and sit back.

You can use the booking feature 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of opening hours.

Whatever the vehicle, make or model, Merlin Auto Services offer quality MOTs at competitive prices. Our team of highly-qualified auto-mechanics provide thorough vehicle road safety inspections, using up-to-date equipment and parts to keep your car in the best condition.